How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub?
April 07/2020

It’s a common question with a lot of different answers: “how much does it cost to run a hot tub?” Searching the internet can produce all kinds of answers, with some people speaking of costs over $50 a month, but what is the truth? Well, it’s good news: if you do your research (or come visit us at Calais Leisurescapes), you can get a hot tub which runs for well under a dollar a day!

Many people who remember hot tubs or spas costing a great deal are recalling older technology. Hot tubs with 24-hour circulation pumps, with only foil insulation, or with inefficient pumps, motors, and heaters can easily rack up a high cost. Luckily, technology and energy efficiency has improved, and nowhere quite so much as on the west coast! 

Calais Leisurescapes sells Coast Spas, manufactured in Langley BC and in compliance with the California Energy Commission (CED). Their publicly-available data sheets tell the tale: through a combination of the most energy-efficient pumps on the market, advanced dual-core hydrocyclonic filtration methods which reduce run time, and full-foam insulation, our hot tubs average about $25 a month in Hydro costs—less than  a single meal at a restaurant! While certain other brands may speak of some of these methods (such as full-foam insulation) as unnecessary, it’s telling that the CEC will only rate a tub of this design, with that variety of insulation and pump, for energy efficiency.

Coast’s pumps draw only 1-1.2 amps on a filtration cycle, and because they are so large and powerful despite their energy efficiency, they can move 45 gallons (about 170 litres) a minute through the commercial-grade pressurized canister filtration system, reducing the total run-time necessary to achieve safe, sanitary, beautifully-clear water! This puts them leagues ahead of old always-on circulation pumps, which require the water to be constantly moving at a low rate to achieve the same—or, realistically, lesser—cleanliness and clarity. This superior filtration method not only reduces the Hydro cost of Coast Spas units, but the up-front cost and long-term maintenance costs; after all, that’s one fewer pump to pay for and take care of. Best of all, with filtration that is 83% faster and 20% more efficient than the next leading method, Coast’s filtration systems also save you money on chemicals!

So, how much does it cost to run a hot tub? The answer is “It depends… but if you’re looking to save money every month, come see Calais Leisurescapes about a new Coast Spa!”

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