Pool Table Room Size Guide: How to Choose the Right Pool Table
April 07/2020

A lot of people love playing pool, snooker, or other cue sports, but they think of it as something to do down at the pool hall, rec centre, social club, or bar. After all, how do you even get one of those tables in your house, and how do you get it to fit? Well, it’s actually easier and more feasible than you might think!

Here at Calais Leisurescapes, we sell, deliver, and install Canada Billiards tables. Because they come apart into three pieces of slate, frames, and legs, these tables can easily be set up in a home even with a small door! Of course, getting it into the home is only the first part of the equation: you also need the space to play on it once it’s set up. Where should it go?

Pool and snooker tables come in all kinds of sizes, from 3-by-6 feet to 6-by-12, and we sell them all! By far, the most common size in the local market is the standard barroom pool table, which is 4-by-8 feet. If you have a room (or a space in a room) which is at least 17' x 13' 4" (about 4 and a half feet on each side), you should be able to play on one of these tables no-problem, making any shot from any area with a full-sized cue! The same rule of thumb can be applied to virtually any size of table: if you have about 4 a half feet on all sides, you’ll never bump into a wall or post while playing on your table.

However, not everybody has that kind of unobstructed space in their homes, and few people are willing to move house to accommodate a pool table. Luckily, Calais Leisurescapes and Canada Billiards have solutions! If you can get four and a half feet (or close to it) of free space on at least a couple sides, we can provide short cues for those tricky or tight shots when they occur. Keep in mind: most shots are not made from the very edge of the table, so if you have almost enough space, you’ll probably rarely notice the difference. Bring us the dimensions of the room you’re thinking of, and we can help you plan where to position it for maximum playability! 

There are also of course the smaller table sizes, all of which are still genuine slate tables, with quality cloth, bumpers, and rails. No “toy tables” here! If you don’t have space for a designated “games room” in your house, condo, or apartment, Canada Billiards also has the aptly-named “La Condo” series of tables, which convert into exceptionally-classy dining tables for mealtime, making any space a multipurpose “man cave”—or woman cave, for any ladies reading this who feel like schooling the other guys and gals after dinner! To get maximum fun out of any living space, we even have a ping pong conversion topper by Palason, which allows a pool table to turn into a table tennis space as well!

So don’t let simplification, downsizing, or low-footprint living get you down: if you want to unleash your inner pool shark in the comfort of your own home, we can make sure you don’t feel like a big fish in a small pond. Come see us today, and we can work together to pick out the perfect table for your space!

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